Axel Garcian – Kareem Al Allaf tennis match prediction


The odds for Axel Garcian vs Kareem Al Allaf encounter are practically equal. Nonetheless, the latter tennis player is a small favourite. The guys will play in the fight for reaching the quarterfinals of the futures. The competition is held in the hot capital of Qatar on an open hard.

Find out more tennis predictions for today as we always choose the most exciting matches for your attention. Garcian is one of many young French people who are eager to make themselves known. But not everyone succeeds in doing this as the natural selection and competition are high. The 19-year-old tennis player is still in a negative balance of victories and defeats until he rarely goes to court. 2021 can be considered the first full year for him. Axel unsuccessfully performed at the challenger in Lyon and showed the best results on both open and closed hard courts. He beat compatriot Marmousez, closed Etcheverri and Tobias Simon in the hall. At the tournament in Doha, in a strong-willed style, he overcame the resistance of his compatriot Terence Atmane.

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A 23-year-old Syrian Kareem Al Allaf has a positive difference between victories and defeats. Yesterday, he took 50 victories in his career; in a strong-willed style, he turned out to be stronger than Finn Patrik Niklas-Salminen. The Syrian made it to the 2nd round of the competition, while he has already won 4 times here as started the journey from qualifications.

This season, Kareem played exclusively on hard courts, winning 12 matches out of 17. He does not have much playing practice, mainly because of the problems with funding the flies, at least. Kareem will have to play completely different tennis than yesterday. There will be a lot of long rallies, and the Syrian is probably not ready for such a game.

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The fast Garcian will try to tighten his opponent in the rally; he is much stronger than Salminen on the backline. All this can lead to Axel’s success in two sets. So, we don’t believe in the Syrian, he is weak on the serve, and it can be fatal for him. So, here is the exact score 2:0 in favour of Garcian for the odds of 3.26. To win more with huge bonuses, higher odds, and without risks – visit our online betting sites rankings page. A fresh review of the most reliable offers for Indian bettors will be helpful for you.


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