Cash prizes released for the Final tournament WTA


From November 10 to 17, Guadalajara will host a tournament called the 2021 WTA Finals, in which the eight best tennis players of the season will play. There will also be two spare members.

In 2021, the tournament’s prize fund will be $ 5 million, which is almost three times less than the year before ($ 14 million). The tennis players are divided into two groups of 4 athletes (round-robin), where they will play one game with each of the rivals. The top two from each quartet will advance to the semifinals.

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Prize money distribution looks like following:

  • $ 40,000 for spare (+ $ 20 thousand for the played match)
  • $ 110,000 guaranteed prizes to the main participants for entering the tournament (- $ 20 thousand for an unplayed game)
  • $ 110,000 for winning a round-robin match
  • + $ 30,000 for those who advance to the semifinals
  • + $ 420,000 for reaching the final RR
  • + $ 1,240,000 for the winner

All in all, the maximum prize money for a winner is $ 1,680,000. Want to know more about tennis and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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